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Take a look at what to do and where to go in Kuantan

The Kuantan River Cruise will take visitors through picturesque landscape of a 500-year old mangrove forest reserve that is spread out along the river. Take in scenic sights of the town and the river’s swamp area that is rich with species of estuarine plants, birds and fish.

It’s a beach life at Teluk Cempedak Beach, located only five kilometres from Kuantan town. Go for a swim, take to the sails, surf the waves or just while away the hours on the promenade with a purpose-built local food court, an international fast food outlet and a 5-star resort hotel in the vicinity. Teluk Cempedak is a complete beach getaway that can get rather busy on weekends. If you like company, then this place is for you!
Teluk Cempedak beach consist of 3 beaches. Main beach (TC1) is much more happening with many local stalls and food stalls. Take a breeze walk across the rocky shore bridge to TC2, you could spend some reading and sun bathing time on the big rocks overlooking the blue sea. If that’s not enough, TC3 is a hike away from TC2, into the rainforest and find yourself submerge in the tranquil beach.

The colours of Kuantan are not complete without savouring the cuisine and delicacies of the area. Like elsewhere in the east coast of the Peninsula, the omnipresence of the keropok (fish crackers) in its many variations is a must-try! Another popular staple is the many grades of ikan masin (salted fish), which is often used in the culinary styles of the east coast.

For a more complete sampling of the local fare, head for the every-busy Tanjung Lumpur food centre, a few kilometres across the Kuantan River Bridge. This sea-facing food destination is where a host of ‘warung’ and restaurants dish-up an array of choice seafood preparations, mostly in the Thai-Pahang Malay style fusion cuisines. Don’t expect a 5-star hotel treatment; rather, soak in the local culture! The place comes alive after dark, and is abuzz with flashes of hot searing pans.

Tanjung Sepat or better known as Sepat Beach, is a typical Malay fishing village located about 10 kilometres from Kuantan and is also an alternative route to the royal town of Pekan. The beach here has a gradual slope that leads out to sea, and is famous among locals as a place for quiet contemplation.

Venture further north of the town to Balok Beach, which is the official venue of the annual International Windsurfing Regatta – Monsoon Madness. It’s all there – the infectious thrills and spills of international pro surfers as they dance with the waves and the wind, pitting man and nature to the ultimate test of endurance and skill. Leave the beach activities and head for the river nearby, and enjoy the relaxing and invigorating riverine cruise. For more information on this and other activities in the area, enquire at Pusat Rekreasi Balok (Balok Recreation Centre). Also worth a visit: the beautiful beaches of Batu Hitam (Black Rock) and Tanjung Pelindung.

Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town 42 km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia. Lembing is Malay for spear, and “sungai” means river. Per local legend, the local ruler saw a vision of a spear in the nearby river and thus named his town after this vision.

Lying majestically among 12,000 acres of lush tropical wildness is Lake Chini. Mlayasia’s second largest natural lake. Located in the wilds, it’s a great place to unwind. Lake Chini is made up of a series 12 freshwater lakes covering a large area of 12,000 hectares of Natural Forest.

Founded on the periphery of the world’s oldest rainforest, Pahang is resplendent of a paradise found, with its placid and mysterious lakes, rivers and cool cascades of inviting waterfalls ensconced in green enclaves. For Kuantan, the most accessible of these in the popular Sungai Pandan waterfall, located only 25 kilometres from town. Cascading 100 metres into a cool pool at the bottom, Sungai Pandan is a panacea for tired nerves. If you’d like to savour the variety of sights offered by different waterfalls, you can opt to venture further to Berkelah falls (a series of seven cascading waterfalls), Jerakang and also Pelangi (Rainbow) waterfalls, for which you may need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access or book a tour from us.


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